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02/11/05 12:00AM
Total Collected:
US$ 69,122.10


» Groton Central School, Homer, NY

Organizer: Groton High School
Activity: Checks presentation ceremony to ARF
Date: February 15, 2005

Susan McCouch, a Cornell professor and Rice Genetics research scientist contacted Groton High Schools (through its science teacher; Paula Jones) to make the schools aware of ARF efforts. The initial relationship between the high school and Dr. McCouch of Cornell exists because of a plant genetics laboratory activity that McCouch and her Post Doctoral associates Dr. Mike Thompson and Dr. Endang Septiningsih (Septi) bring into the school. Subsequently a fundraising activity was set up at Groton High School.

By utilizing the sales of chopsticks (the rice connection) Groton Science department raised money for the Banda Aceh area. Several other groups participated in fundraising of various forms including bake sales, button sales, and penny collection. Groton classes, student Governments, Student Councils, and National Honor Societies also held fundraisers to raise money for the Aceh Relief Fund. In total, students, teachers and families at Groton Central School donated US$1,300.00 from students.

The day’s event was started by:

  1. A short speech by the school principle/ teacher coordinator
  2. Short speeches by representatives of various student bodies followed by presentations of check donations
  3. A 30-minute presentation about ARF initiative with a focus on its effort to help rehabilitate schools in Aceh
  4. A 20-minute question and answer session with students and teachers.
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The Principle of Groton High School, Steven Woodard, started the event with a short speech


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Letter from the school to ARF


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Principal Stephen Woodard briefed student bodies’ representatives Sarah McAndrews (2nd from left), Kelly Barhite, Matt Metzgar, and Marissa Pabis


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Student bodies’ representatives presented a check to Mazalan and Zevi


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A 30-minute presentation about ARF and updates on the situation in Aceh by Mazalan


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In front of an audience of nearly 300 students of Groton High School in Tompkins Country, Mazalan presents a moving account of the situation in Aceh and explains how ARF conducts its activities to help tsunami victims.


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The grim realities about the situation in Aceh moved many students to listen attentively