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02/11/05 12:00AM
Total Collected:
US$ 69,122.10

    Upcoming and Ongoing Events | Past Events


Upcoming and Ongoing Events

» Belle Sherman Tsunami Relief Event
April 7, 2005, 6:30 - 8:00 pm, Mitchell St. Building

Organizer: Belle Sherman Elementary School, Ithaca, NY
Event: Multi Events

The event is hosted by Belle Sherman Elementary School benefiting Aceh Relief Fund.

Schedule of Events:

Kindergartens: South Indian music and dance, making facsimiles of musical instruments
Garden: sale of note cards
Maple: Sri Lanka, booklets with maps and flags
Rainbow: Aceh Indonesia
Second: Batik making
Third: Shadow puppets: puppets created in art class with Sarah Locke will be on display; videos of the puppets acting out traditional Indonesian stories; materials to make simple shadow puppets.
Fourth/Fifth: Toys ad Treasures sale - all treasures 25 cents
Oak: Poetry and performance of Ming Fong Ho's Hush
Hickory: Assembly of typical Indian and Indonesian snacks

Presentation for all:
- Cornell University Physics grad student Evan Variano's portable wave tank in the gym;
- Cornell University Gamelan ensemble;
- Northeast Elementary (former Belle Sherman) teacher Kari Krakow's presentation on her recent trip to Banda Aceh for Aceh Relief Fund.

Fund raised through our Coins for Kids collection, luncheons for staff prepared by the Moon and Neptune rooms, the Bake and Used Books sales at the 02/03 concert, and at the All School Tsunami Relief Event will be donated to: Aceh Relief Fund (www.acehrelief.org). Our Donation will be targeted for textbook replacement. Every $3.00 we raise will buy a new textbook for students in Aceh.

If you need transportation to our Tsunami Relief Event, please call or email Peggy Robinson, or 272-6832.

How can you be involved?

In addition to helping with your child's class project, we need volunteers:

  • To prepare snacks to donate. Several possible Indonesian and Indian recipes will be coming home next week. All snacks welcome!
  • To help organize and distribute snacks and juice


» Woman's Song (DVD)
January 1, 2005 - April 1, 2005

Organizer: Lisa Karrer
Event: DVD sale

Until April 1st, composer Lisa Karrer is contributing $5 of the sale of her DVD, "Woman's Song: The Story of Roro Mendut", to Aceh Relief Fund. The DVD is co-produced by The Kitchen of NY and World Music Institute. [read more, cached]
[Woman's Song: The Story of Roro Mendut: Shadow screens, wayang puppets and a gamelan percussion orchestra set the stage for this 17th-century tale of sexual taboos. Contemporary artists immersed in traditional Indonesian aesthetics give a multimedia spin to the legend of Roro Mendut. What results is a storytelling hybrid powerfully weaving live vocals, Balinese and Javanese masks and dance, stilts and martial art performance.]

Past Events

Various fundraising events have been conducted on behalf of Aceh Relief Fund since the great tsunami hit many countries on December 26, 2004. Initial events not listed here include fundraising in the Ithaca community and Poughkeepsie community.

Below is a list of fundraising events that were organized by other organizations.

» Nottingham High School, Syracuse, NY
March 15, 2005. 9:45. L.G.I.R. space

Organizer: The Nottingham Chapter of the National Honor Society
Event: Checks presentation ceremony to ARF

The event is hosted by the Nottingham Honor Society to culminate a fundraising project coordinated by Zufar Shahren (class of 2005) and the Honor Society Advisor, Donald Little.

An early supporter of the Aceh Relief Fund, Nottingham High School started their fundraiser in January by "selling" black ribbons to the public. "Black ribbons to represent mourning, and grief, for the victims of the tsunami," said Zufar, who also happens to be the president of the Nottingham Honor Society. "The idea was to promote an awareness campaign. We [the students at Nottingham] like the idea of supporting a small local organization that can deliver aid directly to the victims of the tsunami with minimal bureaucracy. So, we chose the Aceh Relief Fund because we wanted a more visible contribution that would go beyond stated facts and mere statistics. ARF had a personal story behind it, the plight of Mr. Mahdi and other indirect victims of the tsunami touched us at a very basic but emotional level."

» 10th Annual Cornell Commitment Convocation
March 11, 2005. 7:00-10:00PM. Kennedy Hall Auditorium, Cornell University

Sponsor: The Cornell Tradition SAC, Cornell Presidential Research Scholars and Meinig Family Cornell National Scholars
Event: Special Event. Open to public.

At the Tenth Annual Cornell Commitment Convocation on March 11, The Cornell Tradition Student Advisory Council (SAC) will be having a raffle and SAC has selected Aceh Relief Fund for recognition and financial support through this year! At this big event, we are invited to deliver a brief presentation on our efforts to deliver relief and engage in rebuilding efforts to assist the tsunami victims in Aceh. To learn more about the event, please visit Cornell's Event Calendar.

» Culture Nights @I-House, Duke University, NC
March 10, 2005. 6:00-8:00PM

Sponsor: International House and the International Association
Event: Cultural Show.

International House and the International Association of Duke University are sponsoring a series of Culture Nights to explore the rich histories, traditions and cultures of Southeast Asia.  This event include traditional dance, music, fashion show, and informal discussions on culture; presented by Duke's Indonesian community. The event is also aimed to raise funds by collecting Entrance Fee, benefiting Aceh Relief Fund. ARF volunteers Rubi Sugana, Ahmad Rulianto and Sadharga Koesbandana are the key persons organizing this event.
[The event will be held in the International House - 2022 Campus Drive. For question, please contact Cloe Liparini, Program Coordinator, International House, Duke University, 2022 Campus Drive, Box 90417, Durham, NC 27708. URL: http://ihouse.studentaffairs.duke.edu]

» Tsunami Charity Fundraiser at Hiro, NY
March 5, 2005

Organizer/Host: Swerve, Base NYC, Climax
Event: Charity fundraising event

Swerve is an Asian-American special events promotions company based out of New York City. Every year Swerve hosts a charity benefit to raise money for a small non-profit organization Swerve believes will channel its contributions directly to those who need it the most, for immediate use in the right places. In previous years, they have raised money for organizations which include the New York Asian Women's society which provides aid and assistance to women who have been abused or battered in incidents of domestic violence, and Patches of Love, an organization that provides care and assistance to specific orphanages in South Korea. John Chen from Swerve contacted Aceh Relief Fund to participate in the charity event that will be hosted in New York City on March 5th. [read more, cached]

» IPSB CU Tsunami Relief Cultural Show
March 4, 2005. 7:00-9:00PM. Annabel Taylor Auditorium, Cornell University

Organizer: International Students Programming Board (ISPB) under CU Tsunami Relief flagship.
Event: Cultural Show. Open to public.

This is an event organized by International Students Programming Board (ISPB) of Cornell University, under the banner of CU Tsunami Relief, benefiting CARE in its Tsunami Relief effort. Aceh Relief Fund was invited to give a speech on the situation in Aceh. ARF will be represented by Kelly Craft and Kari Krakow, two teachers from Northeast Elementary School, who will briefly share their experiences and deliver a short presentation. The teachers have just returned from visiting Aceh where they delivered supplies and established people-to-people connections. The cultural performances in this event include Polish Songs, Chinese Fashion Show, Shimtah Korean Drum, Colombia Caribbean Dance, Chinese Dance, Brazilian Music, Indonesian Gamelan Demo, Ukrainian Dance, and Teszia Belly Dance.

» SAIS, Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC
February 16, 2005

Organizer: Lily and Trisiawati (School of Advanced International Studies)

The Southeast Asia Department of SAIS (School of Advanced International Studies), Johns Hopkins University, donated USD1,437.00 to the Aceh Relief Fund for the tsunami victims in Aceh.  Click here to view a note and check to ARF.

» Homer Central School, Homer, NY
February 15, 2005

Organizer: Homer High School
Activity: Checks presentation ceremony to ARF

Susan McCouch, a Cornell professor and Rice Genetics research scientist, contacted Homer High School (through its science teacher, Jason Graves) to make the school aware of ARF’s efforts. The initial relationship between the high school and Dr. McCouch of Cornell exists because of a plant genetics laboratory activity that McCouch and her Post Doctoral associates, Dr. Mike Thompson and Dr. Endang Septiningsih (Septi) bring into the school. Subsequently, a fundraising activity was set up at Homer High School. [read more]

» Groton Central School, Groton, NY
February 15, 2005

Organizer: Groton High School
Activity: Checks presentation ceremony to ARF

Susan McCouch, a Cornell professor and Rice Genetics research scientist contacted Groton High Schools (through its science teacher; Paula Jones) to make the schools aware of ARF efforts. The initial relationship between the high school and Dr. McCouch of Cornell exists because of a plant genetics laboratory activity that McCouch and her Post Doctoral associates Dr. Mike Thompson and Dr. Endang Septiningsih (Septi) bring into the school. Subsequently a fundraising activity was set up at Groton High School. [read more]

» Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
February 4, 2005

Organizer: Cornell Malaysian Student Association
Event: Interactive Malay Wedding Dinner

In conjunction with the Annual Dinner, the CMA set up a collection box for Aceh Relief Fund. The Malaysian Indonesian community supports the event by helping prepare food for the dinner. All proceeds from the cooking are donated to the ARF. The dinner was well attended. The Malaysian Mission from New York was represented by its Consul General at the dinner. Mazalan delivered an ARF presentation with an accompanying slide show. Picture: Mazalan spoke about the need to garner continuous support for ARF from the Cornell community at the sold out dinner.

» Muslim Community in Syracuse, NY
January 29, 2005

Organizer: Syracuse Mosque
Event: Eid-ul-Adha Festival

The community had previously donated more than $2000 to the ARF. The Syracuse Mosque committee requested that ARF present an update of the situation in Aceh to the community during the Festival Eid-ul-Adha gathering. A large crowd gathered in the main praying area to listen to the presentation by Mazalan. They were clearly moved by the images being presented in the accompanying power-point slide presentation prepared by Zevi. Many individuals came forward to donate to ARF.

» Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
January 25, 2005

Organizer: Stewart Auyash
Event: Graduate Class (War and Genocide)

Mazalan and Zevi presented a talk on ARF to two classes at Ithaca College. The talk generated further interest among college students regarding the fate of the tsunami victims in Aceh. The presentation was followed with a brief introduction to the newly developed website, www.acehrelief.org. Proceeds from the honorarium received from Ithaca College was donated to ARF.
Photo by Ithaca College

» Islamic Society of Vermont
December 31, 2004

Organizer: Islamic Society of Vermont Inc.
Event: Friday Prayer

The Islamic Society of Vermont Inc. was the first organization that performed fundraising activities for the victims of tsunami and donated $2,060 to Aceh Relief Fund. The fundraising was conducted during the Friday Prayer on 12/31/04.

» Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
December 31, 2004 and January 7, 2005

Organizer: Meca
Event: Friday Prayers

The Muslim Educational and Cultural Association (MECA) of Cornell University has been working closely with ARF, especially during the early stages of Aceh Relief Fund. MECA organized various fundraising events during Friday Prayers on 12/31/04 and 1/7/05.