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02/11/05 12:00AM
Total Collected:
US$ 69,122.10

Journal from the Ground
by Kelly Craft and Kari Krakow

Thursday, February 24, 2005

¬[02/22/05] [02/25/05]®

9:00AM- We started our morning with a rickshaw ride to a market. It is very dusty from the tsunami so Baby Bear is wearing a mask.


4:00PM- The picture is of the power plant that was for the village of Ule-Lheue. The tsunami brought the floating plant that was 2 kilometers (1.4 miles) out in the sea to land in the village of Punge. We happened to be there at the same time as the famous actress Christing Hakim. She portrayed the Achenese heroine, Cut Nyak Dhien, in a famous film.

We went to dinner with Saiful and a group of friends. We are amazed at how Saiful makes connections between all of the different humanitarian groups in order to further the effort to revitalize Aceh. The people included: the founder of the People’s Crisis Center (PCC)-Juanda; a member from Catholic Relief Service (CRS)-Henny; the Secretary of Aceh Institute-Lukman; an assistant researcher in Peace Studies; and an assistant researcher for the Oxford Center-Eva. Saiful met with these group members until 1 in the morning. Saiful said that some of the best minds of Aceh have been in political exile for the last few years because of the military situation. One side effect of the tsunami is the opening up of Banda Aceh to these intellectuals and NGOs.

¬[02/22/05] [02/25/05]®