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02/11/05 12:00AM
Total Collected:
US$ 69,122.10

Journal from the Ground
by Mazalan Kamis

April 2005

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Monday, April 11, 2005

¬[04/10/05] [04/12/05]®

Saiful decided to take me on a tour of PCC this morning. Andi, the program coordinator of the PCC, told me that the center is much quieter than it was several weeks ago during the height of the emergency period. Despite that, I still notice that the centre is still bustling with activities. I am extremely impressed with the energy shown by a large number of young Acehnese that is helping and volunteering at the center.

We toured the city of Banda Aceh where everywhere I looked, I could see small businesses sprouting like mushrooms. Most of them operate from tents being set up on roadside curbs. Years of being subjected to armed conflict, has taught the Acehnese to be resilient in facing up to calamities.

Later, Saiful took me to the Phi-Beta Learning Center (PBLC) as he wanted to introduce me to its staff. As noted by Kelly and Kari, PBLC had (amazingly) recovered very speedily. Note the new yellow banner in the picture above. The banner is advertising various competitions that PBLC will be organizing for elementary school children in Banda Aceh. The children will use donated school supplies from Ithaca during the competitions, while some donated toys will be given out as prizes to winners of the competitions.


The mosque in Punge Jurong V, continues to lie in ruin. ARF sponsored the first clean-up operation of the mosque about a month ago. The community plans to rehabilitate the mosque as quickly as possible with the hope that it will encourage many more villagers and survivors to return to the village.

We received a call from Pak Abu, the village head of Punge Jurong V, asking us to come and visit again. We noticed more people are now returning to and setting up tent in the village. Pak Abu wanted us to help purchase a generator set for the village’s mosque, in the hope that when the village becomes functional again, more villagers will come back to their property. Such action could help spearhead the redevelopment of the village. We promised him that we will try to find what he requested and come back to him as soon as possible.

I spent the rest of the day preparing for tomorrow’s workshop.

¬[04/10/05] [04/12/05]®