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02/11/05 12:00AM
Total Collected:
US$ 69,122.10

Summary Updates
by Saiful Mahdi

January 19, 2005 - uploaded 01/23/05 9:55AM

¬[01/18/05] [01/20/05]®

Helping with aids distribution at PCC command post, especially in supplies distribution and in making mobile clinics on going as planned as a continuation from the last three days. Today the clinic is better prepared both in term of personnel, equipments, and info on who and where the sick IDPs are. The clinics visited three areas: Cot Mesjid, Tungkop, and Darussalam; treated 27 people of different ages (pictures included ). The mobile clinic team consisted of two certified nurses, one certified midwives, two certified paramedics, and two assistants. The mobile clinics is scheduled to go around for one month as a collaboration of CNY-Aceh Relief Fund, PCC, Eye of Aceh, and Altaid Malaysia.

The nurses and paramedics posed in front our mobile clinics before delivering health care to IDP at houses around Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar. A rented minibus, with banners from four organizations that support the effort, including CNY-Aceh Relief Fund, was used to transport the nurses, paramedics, simple health care equipments and medicines.

The mobile clinic in operation. Truly a people to people joint effort!

In cooperation with Helen Keller International, one of our mobile clinics nurse gave Vitamin A drops to a kid in Darussalam, Banda Aceh. Vitamin A is a vital needs for kids under 12 years old, especially among the vulnerable “tsunami kids”.

I also went to two UN sectoral meetings: Reproductive Health by UNFPA and Child Protection by UNICEF. From UN meetings, I learnt that there are a lot of data, maps, and info on the situation on the ground available but all these most probably do not reach local stakeholders. Simply because, there were no local stakeholders in those meetings. To borrow my friend words “Aceh seemed to have been empty from Acehnese!”

In that regard, I am working to consolidate stakeholders network on the ground to be more pro-active and be the “owner of the game”. I will be doing this and at the same time continue with emergency relief activities and other “concrete” works on the ground. Because you will not be able to stop your ‘concrete’ works given the situation we face on the grounds.

At night, we had a small meeting to initiate a forum for local stakeholders that would enable them to play a more active, conceptual role on recovery. We will invite more stakeholders and NGOs to attend the forum next time.

¬[01/18/05] [01/20/05]®