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02/11/05 12:00AM
Total Collected:
US$ 69,122.10

Summary Updates
by Saiful Mahdi

January 23, 2005 - uploaded 01/28/05 08:30PM

¬[01/22/05] [01/24/05]®

Today’s main tasks are coordinating Phi-Beta Learning Center clean-up.

Phi-Beta Learning Center 2, on Jl. Cumi-Cumi No. 2 Banda Aceh. This center was hit by the tsunami far worse than Center 1. However, the second floor was not touched by the tsunami. But the surroundings are practically dead. Some people have returned home to clean up. The Center was one of the earliest places to show life in the neighborhood.


“The mud was all over, its thickness was over one meter. The water almost reached the ceiling” said one of our staff. Above is our battered stationery cupboard and some classrooms.

The name of our Center 2 in the reception room; look at the mark left by the water. A cupboard fell down in the hallway of our Learning Center 2. Three outside walls were blown apart by the tsunami. Considering the scale of damage, we decide on concentrating on renovating Center 1 first.

Phi-Beta Learning Center 1: We want to dedicate the building for purely non-profit activities during this difficult time for the Acehnese. Before we had worked as a semi-profit organization to maintain both our independence and sustainability.

Phi-Beta Learning Center 1, is our main focus for rehabilitation. All furniture and equipment, including our computer lab has been destroyed by the tsunami. On the right, a frame of a bookshelf that we were building as part of our “community library” initiative (see www.acehkids.org) to serve the surrounding community.


Volunteers are cleaning up Phi-Beta Learning Center 1. A lot of work to do and all kinds of support is needed as soon as possible.


Studying chairs and some destroyed books in Phi-Beta Learning Center 1.
In the afternoon and night, I join the PCC command post again. In many cases, volunteers there and in other places in Aceh are my teachers, and I’m learning many new things. Only in very few cases can they learn something from me.


Health related service volunteers are discussing their next programs. Volunteers from Helen Keller International were briefing PCC volunteers on zinc, vitamin A, and other vitamin intervention to help IDP children and pregnant women.


¬[01/22/05] [01/24/05]®