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02/11/05 12:00AM
Total Collected:
US$ 69,122.10

Summary Updates
by Saiful Mahdi

February 3, 2005 - uploaded 02/13/05 7:30PM

¬[01/25/05] [02/04/05]®

7:30am. Meet with my Phi-Beta team to organize the further clean up of our learning center. All the mud has been removed. We need to rent a high power water booster to wash the floor and walls of the learning center.

9:10am. Some of our staff was already working at the learning center. They were happy to get the rented machine so the cleaning up would be faster. The problem arises with the rain. Sewer systems are clogged with debris. Our learning center is located in the heart of Banda Aceh and when it rains, the back side of it is easily flooded.

11:55am. Got back to where I am temporarily staying to work on my journal and other ‘soft works’.

2:30pm. Getting back to PCC’s Posko (command post). PCC has decided not to register new IDPs. Instead, we’ll be working with the IDPs we’ve already registered (PCC’s volunteers have served some 7000 households!). Also, there are changes in supplies that we provide. One month after the tsunami, now we provide more school supplies especially school uniforms, bags, and some stationary.

PCC volunteers are now busy with school uniforms and other school supplies. Two trucks full of school supplies were sent by our partner in Medan (KKSP).

7:30pm. Got back home to work more on my delayed journal and updates. Sorry guys!

¬[01/25/05] [02/04/05]®