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02/11/05 12:00AM
Total Collected:
US$ 69,122.10

Summary Updates
by Saiful Mahdi

February 6, 2005 - uploaded 03/26/05 9:00PM


At last, we managed to have city cleaning heavy equipment help us clean hill-size debris and a mud dump in front of Phi-Beta. Our volunteers were not allowed to dump the debris and mud on the roadside as the Indonesian president is visiting Aceh. And all local officials want to look good in front of the president. The city cleaning team did promise us that they would pick up all that we dumped in the front yard of the learning center. But not until we demanded this thrice in three consecutive days did the equipment and dump truck come to clean the yard.

The heavy equipment is cleaning the last debris and mud from Phi-Beta’s front yard.


We raised a banner to invite students/parents to come for free enrichment, tutorial, and counseling programs although dump trucks are still working on the site.


We could not imagine cleaning up this much debris and mud from the front yard of Phi-Beta without heavy equipment.


Thanks to Aceh Relief Fund we can offer free programs for school children in Banda Aceh. The blue font says, “Supported by Aceh Relief Fund”.