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In Ithaca, New York, more than ten thousand miles away from the nearest ruins left in the wake of the tsunami, Saiful Mahdi, a 36-years-old Cornell University graduate student from Aceh - Indonesia, scrambled to find out news of his and his wifeís immediate family members. It took days before he could wind up with any information, but what he found was nonetheless heartbreaking: Saifulís grandmother, sister, brother and their families were missing. Mahdi had to return to Banda Aceh to find and rescue his family.

Concerned friends of Saiful then spread the news to personal contacts, pleading for financial help so Mahdi could return to Aceh with the necessary funds and proper relief equipments. The information was distributed through the internet and more traditional word-of-mouth. The results were more than what they had expected.

Overwhelmed by the number of donations pledged and declared through phone calls and e-mails, it soon dawned on Saifulís friends that they had the means to go beyond just helping Saifulís family. They initiate Aceh Relief Fund.

Aceh Relief Fund (ARF) is a direct front in response to the catastrophe in South-East Asia with the aim to fund Saiful and other volunteers in their quest of providing emergency relief to the victims of the tsunami in Aceh. ARF is about people Ė people who are committed to making a difference in the lives of thousands of victims of the tsunami in Aceh, especially those who are most vulnerable, namely children and women. Headquartered in Ithaca New, York, ARF is fortunate to have networks of active volunteers in Aceh and in the United States.
Contact : Saiful Mahdi
Jl. Teuku Abul Lam U No. 17
Banda Aceh

Cel: (62) (815) 33779055

Aceh Relief Fund
P.O. BOX 4148
Ithaca, NY 14852-4148
Website :
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