Strong foundation for the new building.
June - November, 2005

30 June: “We want a good and strong building. This is not anybody’s project, not ARF’s, this is our own project,” said Pak Abu (who is overseeing the community center project) while pointing out a corner of the foundation.

30 June:  The prices of building materials fluctuate in Banda Aceh. The prices and scarcity slowed the project at certain points.

10 July: The community center is ready to rise up through eight columns.

10 July: Carpenters and workers for the project are among the villagers themselves, only accepting outside help when it is not available in the village.

26 July: The community center is leveled-up about one meter from the ground.

26 July: According to Sylvia Agustina, the building is designed to avoid future shocks and waves.

13 September: Pak Abu standing in front of the emerging community center.  One of the rooms might be used to run the village administration.

13 September: The only concrete wall on the first floor. The room is going to be the office for the village head.

Mid-November:  Second floor is rising up and the roofing began.

Mid-November: The second floor will have no walls to make the building flood and tsunami friendly. This is going to be a place for community meeting and learning activities.