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05/10/05 04:00AM
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Mobile Library
ARF operates mobile library (also know as mobile learning center) to serve children both in villages and in camps, shelters, and barracks. Due to shortage of fund, the service is curried out by volunteers using motorcycles/scooters. Thanks for the recently acquired fund from APAS, ARF is in the process of purchasing a van which will be remodeled into a mobile library.

Schedule for regular visits to various communities is designed to enable as many children as possible to have maximum access to, and full benefit from the facility. The mobile learning centers provide facilities where children can borrow/read books as well as participate in organized fun, learning activities. Modules for learning activities are being developed to train volunteer educators who will operate the center.

Books fro the library has been donated by Aceh and Nias Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency (Badan Rehabilitasi dan Rekonstruksi Aceh dan Nias), 1001buku, and many individuals from the US other countries.

In addition, ARF helps sponsor the travel xpenditures for two expert story tellers from  Jakarta to Banda Aceh to train volunteers for the mobile library. The volunteers are eager to start with their activities which will become a reality once the purchasing and remodeling work of the van is finalized. 

Thorough this progrram, ARF also plans to purchase school text books and other school supplies to be given for free to needy children. Prior to the tsunami, text books were not available for free. Parents often had to spend hefty sum of monies to equip their children with text books and school supplies to attend school. With the lost of livelihood because of the tsunami, many parents are no longer able to provide  their children with schooling. Free distribution of text books and other school supplies is essential for children and goes  a long way in reducing the financial burden faced by their families. Text books and school supplies purchased by ARF will be housed in a collection center operated by ARF's affiliate. A system of delivery of text books and school supplies to schools will be developed to enable the materials to reach the children with the least bureaucracy.