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05/10/05 04:00AM
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Remembering December 26th
December 26, 2005

First Days after Tsunami

The entrance area of Punge Jurong V, Saiful’s village on 9 January 2005. The village was not yet accessible, but people saw the surviving mosque from the distance.

Deah Baro, a village near coastal area of Banda Aceh, two village apart from Punge Jurong, totally wiped out by the tsunami.

Bradeun, near Lhok Nga, Aceh Besar district, lost villages and paddy fields. After tsunami, one can see the sea directly at the horizon.

A view from a bridge across Banda Aceh fish market near Peunayong. Some boat sailing the ocean during tsunami were save, but the ones on harbor were destroyed or floated inland.

A boat floated by the wave and dumped in front of a hotel in Peunayong, Banda Aceh’s Chinatown area.

Another boat thrown by the wave about half mile from the river harbor of fish market.

Yet another boat destroyed by the tsunami.

A mosque in village of Punge Blang Cut survived in the middle of vast destruction. Picture is taken from the floating power plant.

The now famous Baiturrahim mosques in Ulhee Lheu, the waterfront of Banda Aceh. The mosques initially built during Dutch colonial time. It is now a “must visit” site in Banda Aceh tsunami affected areas.

An old tree on the waterfront survived the wave.

Surviving kids were playing in the middle of debris in Meuraxa, Banda Aceh.