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05/10/05 04:00AM
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Remembering December 26th
Posted: January 9, 2006

Story of the Survivors (1)

Destroyed waterfront of Ulee Lheu in Banda Aceh. Family and neighbors try to comfort each other.

Prayers on the rubbles. A survivor is praying on the remains of his house, in Ulee Lheu, Banda Aceh.

Familiar board around Banda Aceh NGOs office where people posted their missing families or looked for ones.

Internally Displace Persons (IDP) in one of the host community in Aceh Besar.

Young volunteers of People Crisis Center (PCC) working tirelessly for the survivors. Many of these volunteers are survivors with missing family members themselves.

Survivors come to PCC and other NGOs offices to report missing family members and ask for relief supplies.

A survivor bringing home some supplies with his motor-rickshaw.

Survivors living in different host community around Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar were served by relief supplies distribution, one of which was provided through PCC.

The mosque of Punge Jurong V Village were partially destroyed and flooded with debris brought as far as four miles from the coastline. Villagers said there were at least 30 bodies removed from the mosques.

Villagers came back together to Punge Jurong V Village the first time after two months after tsunami. Simple gears like high boots, masks, gloves, and coverall clothes were donated by ARF. Some supplies were directly donated by Ithacan community.

Corpses were loaded to the, then, “ghost truck”. Villagers of Punge Jurong V and volunteers from Indonesia Red Cross drew out 106 corpses from the village in one day people’s evacuation operation.