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02/11/05 12:00AM
Total Collected:
US$ 69,122.10

    Our Work | Our Programs

What We Do

We aim to help alleviate the sufferings of persons affected by the tsunami in Aceh, especially the children culturally appropriate manners; i.e. with full respect and sensitivity of the culture, religion, values and beliefs of the Acehnese. We are committed to facilitate local Acehnese groups in Aceh in relief and rebuilding works which we foresee to take place between three to five years.

Our Work

Our nature of work is fast and effective. In only a week after the initiative was launched, Mahdi is already in Aceh to assess valuable needs for us to provide relief. We aim to help alleviate the suffering of the victims of the tsunami in Aceh. Our mission is to build capacity within Aceh with the goal of empowering the Acehnese to rebuild and improve their lives. We have very clear objectives; that is to provide emergency tsunami relief and to participate in the rebuilding efforts in Aceh.

Realizing that rebuilding community after such catastrophic disaster is a long term endeavor, we have develop longer term initiatives to promote programs that will eventually become part of the normal infrastructure of daily life in Aceh. Aceh Relief Fund will ensure that fund collected will reach the victims of the tsunami, their family members, and all affected ones, in a timely manner with minimal or no bureaucracy.

Our Programs

Immediate Relief Initiatives
Currently, your donations are supporting a number of immediate relief initiatives that will be ongoing for at least next six months. The initiatives include:

Operating Mobile Clinic
Aceh Relief Fund together with other local volunteer groups is now operating a mobile clinic in Banda Aceh. The mobile clinic team consists of two certified nurses, one certified midwives, two certified paramedics, and two assistants. The clinic concentrates in providing services to victims of the tsunami who stay with relatives in and around Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar. Occasionally, the clinic also extends their services to camps and shelters, if and when there is a request for it.

Central New York: Aceh Relief Fund banner is proudly displayed on the mobile clinic. Picture by Saiful.

Our volunteer nurse administer Vitamin A drops to a kid in Darussalam, Banda Aceh. Picture by Saiful.

Delivering Relief Supplies
Our rented trucks and van enable direct distribution of supplies to the victims of the tsunami. Aceh Relief Fund is effective as we work within a network of volunteers who speak the language, accustom with the culture, and familiar with the place. Backboned by a number of young and educated Acehnese who return home from abroad and other parts of Indonesia, this network bring relief supplies to the victims who overlooked by larger aid organizations; i.e. those who stay with relative instead of in camps and shelters.

Our volunteers seen here loading supplies onto pickup trucks for distribution. Picture by Saiful.

Our volunteer delivering supplies to a family who take shelters in a relative home. Picture by Saiful.

Medium Term Initiatives

Rehabilitating and Rebuilding Schools
The welfare of the children who are victims of the tsunami is at the heart of Aceh Relief Fund initiative. Realizing this, Aceh Relief Fund is adopting a school in Banda Aceh, Phi-Beta Learning Center, that Saiful helped establish. Phi-Beta and its remaining resources are geared to provide temporary schooling and to function as an alternative, non-profit activity center for children. Aceh Relief Fund has also identified a school at Saree in Aceh Besar that can function as a boarding school and a community center that can benefit the surrounding villages.

Phi-Beta Learning Center was partially damaged by the tsunami. Almost 95% of its collection of books was destroyed by the water. Another Phi-Beta center was completely wiped out by the tsunami. Picture by Saiful.

Saiful led the first Phi-Beta meeting after the quake and tsunami. Eighteen teachers and staff, out of the original 70 attended the meeting. The fates of the rest remain unknown. Picture by Saiful.

Mobilizing local Acehnese
With our network, we are not only working on physical rebuilding. We are also mobilizing local Acehnese to be actively involved in rebuilding their society.

PCC volunteers type in information of missing persons and other data. They also produce necessary forms for reporting and logistics needs.

Nurses and paramedics are now part of our growing team of Acehnese volunteers.

Long Term Initiative

Adopting a village/community

Aceh Relief Fund is contemplating of adopting a village or a community and assists them towards rebuilding their destroyed lives. We are still assessing the ground situation to decide for a site and to develop strategic activities, whereby the benefits of the assistance can also be shared with and enjoyed by the surrounding communities.

A village vista in Aceh prior to the tsunami.

Resilient people and local economy.